27,000,000 EMT tokens will be offered to the public through a crowdsale. The sale will continue until one of the following conditions is met:


21,300 ETH
is collected, or


27,000,000 EMT
tokens are sold, or


200,000 blocks are added to the ETH blockchain

EMT price will change throughout the sale period depending on the total amount of tokens sold.

Tier 1

Up to 2,000,000 EMT sold: 1 EMT = 0.0007 ETH

Tier 2

2,000,001 to 4,000,000 EMT sold: 1 EMT = 0.00075 ETH

Tier 3

4,000,001 to 27,000,000 EMT sold: 1 EMT = 0.0008 ETH

Tokens will be released to buyers immediately upon purchase. Unsold tokens will be burned.


To fund the project, we will issue 33,000,000 easyMINE tokens (EMT). The tokens will be based on the Ethereum (ETH) platform and managed using existing ETH solutions, such as MyEtherWallet.

The token pool will be divided as follows:

Crowdsale participants: 27,000,000 EMT (~81.8%)

Pre-ICO buyer bonuses: 2,000,000 EMT (~6.1%)

easyMINE development team: 1,500,000 EMT (~4.6%)

Project advisors: 500,000 EMT (~1.5%)

Bounty program: 1,000,000 EMT (~3.0%)

easyMINE Corporation: 1,000,000 EMT (~3.0%)

Tokens will be distributed at the conclusion of the crowdsale. Unsold tokens will be burned. No additional tokens will be created at any point during or after the sale. Tokens allocated to the development team, project advisors, and easyMINE Corporation will have a 180-day vesting period, after which they will be released to holders at the rate of 0.5% a day.

EMT tokens will be listed on exchanges in the fourth quarter of 2017.

EMT tokens will be used as the sole form of payment for easyMINE services. easyMINE users will make prepayments to their individual EMT accounts. Fees for easyMINE services will then be automatically deducted from the account balance.

easyMINE Corporation will continue to burn part of EMT tokens received in payment for its services until only 3,000,000 remain in circulation.

before you begin

You can pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin. In either case, to receive your EMT tokens you will need an address on the Ethereum​ ​(ETH)​ network. If you don’t have one yet, we recommend a web-based, client-side wallet ( or a multi-platform, multi-currency wallet app (

The contract address is available on the easeMINE ICO website only. Do​ ​not​ ​send​ ​funds​ ​to addresses​ ​obtained​ ​from​ ​any​ ​other​ ​sources!

Only​ ​use​ ​an​ ​ETH​ ​address​ ​to​ ​which​ ​you​ ​control​ ​the​ ​private​ ​key.​ You will not be able to access your tokens otherwise!

your ico wallet

Your wallet address:

Your EMT balance: 0


Select the currency for your payment:

To buy EMT tokens, send ETH directly from your wallet address to our ICO contract address:

The current exchange rate is

How to buy with ETH:

1. In your ETH wallet, select the “Send” option.

2. Enter the following:

a. To/Receiving address: the easyMINE contract address. Once again, the address is posted on the easyMINE ICO site ( only. Do not use addresses obtained from any other sources!

b. Amount to send: the ETH amount you wish to transfer.

c. Gas limit: we recommend setting the limit to 250,000 gas.

d. Gas price: we recommend setting the price to 20-50 Gwei (note that this option may not be available in some wallets).

3. Send the transaction.

To buy EMT tokens, send BTC directly from your wallet address to the unique payment address below.
A minimum payment of 0.001 BTC is required.
Important: do not share this address. It has been generated especially for you and is linked to your ETH address.

The current exchange rate is

How to buy with BTC:

1. In your BTC wallet, select the “Send” option.

2. Enter the following:

a. To/Receiving address: your unique payment address provided above.

b. Amount to send: the BTC amount you wish to use.

c. Transaction/Mining fee: the fee amount determines how quickly your transaction will be processed. Use your best judgment.

3. Send the transaction.


1. Upon receipt of your payment, EMT tokens will be sent to your ETH address. (If paying with Bitcoin, please allow up to 24 hours processing time.) You will be able to see your EMT balance just below your address in the “YOUR ICO WALLET” section.

2. To verify your token balance independently, access your ETH address using and do the following:

a. Click “Add Custom Token”

b. In the “Address” field, enter

c. In the “Token Symbol” field, enter EMT

d. In the “Decimals” field, enter 18

e. Click “Save”

Ask us a question!


What is the purpose of easyMINE tokens?
While easyMINE’s core features will be available free of charge, access to the more advanced, "smart" functionalities will be paid. EMT tokens will be used as the only form of payment for these premium-level services.
What forms of ICO payment are available?
We accept Ethereum (ETH) and Bitcoin (BTC) payments.
I’m not paying with Ethereum, do I still need an ETH address?
Yes. EMT tokens “live” on the Ethereum blockchain—you need an ETH address to store and manage them. Brief instructions for creating an ETH wallet are provided in the ICO section.
Where can I find the ICO contract address?
The contract address will be available on once the crowdsale begins. We will not be announcing the address via e-mail, Slack, or any other channel. Please do not send funds to addresses obtained from any source other than our official website.
Why shouldn’t I send funds from an exchange account?
Simply put, because you do not control your exchange wallet. The exchange does. Our contract automatically sends EMT tokens to the address from which your deposit originated. If you send funds straight from an exchange account, this will be an address to which you do not have the private key. Without the private key, you can’t access your tokens. There is no way around this. Remember: if you don’t own the private key, you don’t own the coin.
Is there a minimum/maximum purchase?
For Ethereum payments, there is no minimum purchase. For Bitcoin payments, we require a minimum purchase of 0.001 BTC (this is to offset currency conversions costs).
Maximum purchase is only limited by the number of tokens available at any given moment.
When and how will EMT tokens be distributed to crowdsale participants?
Tokens will be released to buyers immediately upon purchase. They will be sent to the address from which the payment originated (or, in the case of Bitcoin payments, to the associated ETH address). The entire process will be managed automatically by the ICO smart contract.
How can I check the status of my transaction?
Please allow a few moments for the transaction to be confirmed. You will then be able to see your EMT balance in the “YOUR ICO WALLET” section, immediately below your ETH address. If your balance doesn’t change, you can check the status of your payment by entering the transaction ID (TXID or TX hash) into an ETH blockchain explorer service, such as or If all else fails, you can also contact us with the transaction ID.
Why did my transaction fail?
It’s impossible to be sure without a transaction ID. Having said that, the most common reason for transaction failure is insufficient gas limit. Because of the additional processing required, the common default of 21,000 gas is not nearly enough when sending funds to a smart contract. We recommend that you set the gas limit to at least 250,000. The transaction will only consume as much gas as is necessary.
How do I manage my EMT tokens?
EMTs are ERC20 standard Ethereum tokens. They can be managed using any Ethereum wallet with custom token support. In MyEtherWallet, for instance, you need to do the following:

1. Access your ETH address; make sure an ETH node is selected
2. Click “Add Custom Token”
3. In the “Address” field, enter the token contract address:
4. In the “Token Symbol” field, enter EMT
5. In the “Decimals” field, enter 18
6. Click “Save”

Your wallet should now display your EMT balance.
What is the minimum/maximum funding level?
The hard cap for the easyMINE ICO is set at 21,300 ETH. There is no minimum funding—development will proceed regardless of the amount raised. We think this is a great project with tremendous potential and we want to keep working on it.
What cryptocurrency exchanges will EMT tokens be listed on and when?
easyMINE tokens should be tradeable in the fourth quarter of 2017. Our goal is to have them listed on two major exchanges by the end of the year. The details are still being negotiated. Stay tuned.
Will there be any additional EMT tokens issued after the ICO?
No. EMT tokens will only be created at the beginning of the crowdsale. 33,000,000 tokens will be issued; of these, 27,000,000 will be available for purchase. Any unsold tokens will be burned.
Is the smart contract available for review?
Yes. The contract code is available in our GitHub repository.
What will happen with the ETC-based tokens from the pre-ICO sale?
Now that we’ve moved our ICO to the ETH blockchain, we will be issuing new, ETH-based tokens to all pre-ICO participants. The tokens will be created when the ICO begins and sent to the address from which the pre-ICO deposit was made. See: How do I manage my EMT tokens? for information on how to access them.
(The original ETC-based tokens will still be available at the same address on the Ethereum Classic blockchain, only they will now be essentially worthless. Who knows, though—if easyMINE makes it really big, they might one day be sought-after collector’s items :P)

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